South Island Plumbing

Electrical Services

South Island Plumbing Services use registered electricians to carry out required electrical work and to issue Certificates of Compliance (CoC) on all new installations.

What Is A Certificate of Compliance (CoC)?

A CoC indicates that the work done is electrically safe and has been carried out in accordance with New Zealand’s electrical safety standards and codes. It also shows they have tested their work once completed.

A CoC guarantees that the work:

  • has been completed by a licensed electrician
  • meets safety standards set by law, and
  • has been tested

Keep your CoC in a safe place as a record of the work done. You might need it for insurance claims or when selling your home.

What’s An ESC?

For routine maintenance work, such as replacing sockets and light fittings or repairing appliances, you need an Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC). All CoCs also need an ESC accompanying them.

The ESC provides a legally recognisable statement that the connected installation or part installation is safe to use following the electrical work.

How Are Electricians Registered And Regulated In New Zealand?

The Electrical Workers Registration Board administers the registration and licensing of electricians and “promotes safety for all New Zealanders by ensuring the competence of electrical workers.”

Electricians are required to be registered and have an annual practising licence, which is proof that your electrician is qualified to do electrical work safely. 

South Island Plumbing use Christchurch Electrical and South Island Electrical as trusted preferred registered electricians.