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Thinking Of Renovating Your Home – Here Is What You Need To Consider

Having more time at home during lockdown has given many of us time to consider freshening up a few areas around our houses. Luckily, South Island Plumbing are well versed in renovation projects and work alongside several specialist companies reducing the need for you to ring around searching for businesses that you can trust.

Before you start investing money in refurbishing, take a moment to consider what your scope is, your budget and where you might need some specialist help.

Before you start investing money in refurbishing, take a moment to consider what your scope is, your budget and where you might need some specialist help.

Health Of Your Home

First of all, consider how you might improve the health of your home during your improvements. Check the temperature and humidity of each room in your home throughout the year. To meet world health standards, living spaces should be a minimum of 18°C and bedrooms a minimum of 16°C when occupied. Relative humidity should be between 40% and 60%. The risk of respiratory disease and mould growth in your home significantly increases if household temperatures are consistently below 16°C and humidity is greater than 70%.

  • Reduce heat loss – stop drafts around doors & windows, boost ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation, use thermally backed curtains & when possible double glaze
  • Efficiently heat your home – choose an efficient heating system that can heat living areas to a minimum of 18°C and bedrooms to 16°C
  • Control moisture at the source – remove damp air from your home with an extractor fan in all bathrooms, a range hood in the kitchen and vent your clothes drier outside
  • Be water-wise -insulate all hot water pipes and hot water cylinders, check your cylinder thermostat is set to 60°C, then choose water-efficient taps and low-flow showerheads, dual flush toilets, and a water-efficient washing machines & dishwashers
  • Regularly ventilate your home – open windows & doors for a few minutes each day to remove moisture & allow fresh dry air to circulate throughout your home, consider extract fans


  • Will you be removing walls to connect areas? Will any bracing be required? This may require consultation with a builder
  • Converting your roof space to create another room
  • Building an extension (consider whether building consent is required)


Kitchens, bathrooms & laundry rooms are often at the top of our renovation list adding value to our homes.  South Island Plumbing can walk you through all your plumbing upgrade requirements, so nothing is missed.

  • Is there any old pipework that requires replacement?
  • Does pipework need re-routing or extending to cater for new layouts?
  • Is it time to replace old fixtures and fittings with newer more modern looking alternatives?
  • Unsure whether the tapware you are considering is safe? Concerned about lead levels in taps? (Master Plumbers raised concerns about the levels of lead in NZ tapware – read more here: South Island Plumbing can recommend safe products for your home
  • Do you need a Master Plumber? In New Zealand, most sanitary plumbing, gas fitting or drain laying is ‘restricted’. That means it’s illegal to do it yourself because of the health and safety risks. You also risk expensive mistakes and even voiding your insurance
  • You need to call on the services of an authorised tradesperson. When you use a plumbing firm that is a member of Master Plumbers, such as South Island Plumbing, you know they are authorised to carry out the work they do


  • Never overlook your electrical system just because you can’t see it, electrical safety and capacity is a key consideration during a renovation
  • Have your switchboard inspected to ensure it is up to current standards and renovation needs
  • Is any re-wiring required?
  • Consider security requirements – securing lighting/system?
  • Check your electrical outlets are working properly & decide if you need to add any additional sockets
  • Consider lighting – do existing lights need updating? Could you replace with more energy efficient alternatives such as LEDs? (saving approximately $100 per year per LED bulb, plus up to 30-year life), is additional lighting required, do you want to add dimmers? landscape lighting?


  • Home heating is often the largest contributor to your energy bills (making up 35%). Choose the most energy-efficient source of home heating you can afford, sized and located appropriately for your house.
  • Consider upgrading or installing a heat pump/air conditioning system. The main advantage of heat pumps over other heating solutions is that they offer a very efficient form of heat – heat pumps are the most energy-efficient method of using electricity to heat or cool your home, the heating output is up to 4 times the energy input
  • Combine an energy efficient heat pump with a ventilation system for a comfortable and healthy home

South Island Plumbing work in conjunction with The Heat Pump People ( to provide free consultations, quotations & a comprehensive design, installation, repair & maintenance service.

Water Heating

  • Hot water heating can make up 30% of your home’s energy bill. Choose the most efficient form of hot water heating you can
  • One of the most efficient forms of heating water available is a hot water heat pump.  These systems can also be combined with heating & cooling, underfloor and radiator options – talk to us about the options


  • Modernising flooring can really update the feel of your house – do you want laminated or wooden flooring, carpet, concrete or tiles?


  • Install a kitchen range hood to remove unpleasant cooking odours and moisture from your home. Cooking is a significant source of moisture and odour in the home
  • Install extractor fans in all bathrooms – all bathrooms should have an extractor fan (minimum 120mm in diameter) vented to the outside
  • Vent your clothes dryer outside

How Can We Help Transform Your Home

Whether your renovation plans include anything from a bathroom renovation, gas, landscape lighting, drainage, home heating & cooling to a house re-wire or audio, South Island Plumbing can help from free consultation through to quality installation.  We can also recommend trusted partners such as builders and kitchen installers to save you time & ensure your renovation plans go without a hitch.

Call your trusted South Island Plumbers today on tel:03 354 4504 or complete a contact form and we will be in touch shortly.